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CME Won’t Be Listing New Cryptocurrency Futures Anytime Soon: CEO

CME Group, the second regulated U.S. derivatives market to list bitcoin futures and by far the largest trading venue for these products, will not be listing any new cryptocurrency futures anytime soon, the firm’s chief executive said on Thursday. Speaking with Bloomberg Television, CME Group CEO Terry Duffy said that the reputation of his firm The post CME Won’t Be Listing New Cryptocurrency Futur...

SEC Statement on Ether ‘Clears Stumbling Block’ for Ethereum Futures: CBOE President

A top executive at the first US exchange to list bitcoin futures contracts said that the Securities and Exchange Commission’s statement that ether will not be regulated as a security will help pave the way for exchanges to list ethereum futures. CBOE Global Markets President Chris Concannon made this comment in a statement quoted by The post SEC Statement on Ether ‘Clears Stumbling Block’ for Ethe...

Ethereum Futures Watch: CME Group Says It’s Gauging Client Interest

Chicago-based derivatives exchange CME Group said that it plans to gauge client interest for an ethereum futures product now that it has launched a price index and benchmark for ether, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency. Speaking with Bloomberg on the sidelines of an industry conference in New York, Tim McCourt, CME’s head of equity products, said The post Ethereum Futures Watch: CME Group ...

CME Group Paves Way for Regulated Ethereum Futures with New Pricing Index

CME Group, one of the world’s largest derivatives exchange operators, is taking steps that will prepare it to eventually list an ethereum futures product. The Chicago-based exchange announced on Monday that it has partnered with a group of large cryptocurrency exchanges to create an Ether Reference Rate and Ether Real Time Index, which will provide The post CME Group Paves Way for Regulated Ethere...

Ethereum Futures Launch on Regulated UK Trading Platform

The world’s first regulated ethereum futures will soon begin trading on UK cryptocurrency trading platform Crypto Facilities. The London-based firm — which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) — on Friday announced that it will list an ethereum futures contract, providing institutional investors with the ability to go long or short on the The post Ethereum Futures Laun...

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